Projects’ Gallery

The “Projects’ Gallery” offers a new opportunity to share your best projects and services with accountants, professional organizations, and firms from all over the world.


Show & Compare your Project!

The Project Gallery is a dedicated area within the Congress venue designed to showcase a number of projects from different developers featuring a selection of professional services. The services include:
- Software solutions and tools for AML compliance
- Software solutions and tools for forensic accounting
- Audit software for SMEs
- Digital archive and database
- Practice management tools
- e-learning tools, knowledge databases, and platforms
- Quality control and analysis tools
- Special surveys


Reserved to IFAC MBs!

This is a special, affordable, stand-alone sponsorship opportunity, reserved for IFAC member bodies, to display and highlight a specific project or service that has been developed by your professional body or organization.


Affordable - only 500 euros!

We strongly believe in comparing different projects from all around the world as a powerful source of inspiration.
Thus we decided that the fee for showing a project in the Projects’ Gallery should be very small so to allow the largest possible number of institutes and organizations to seize this special opportunity.
By your investing little money, your project will be shown side by side with other projects, all along the same wall – the WCOA 2014 Projects’ Gallery – under the eyes of the Congress’ participants, during the whole event.


You can also add it to your exhibit Booth!

The Project Gallery is also an ideal solution for members interested in putting the spotlight on a special service or initiative while using a classic exhibit booth for wider communication purposes.


If you are interested in taking this sponsorship opportunity, please click here.
Should you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at