WCOA 2014 Social Dinner

Expect the unexpected... WCOA 2014 Social Dinner will take place in the latest and coolest location in Rome: in the new park Cinecittà World.

Named after the Cinecittà film studios in Rome, with numerous award-winning Italian and international productions, Cinecittà World is the first theme park in Italy entirely dedicated to the universe of movies and movie-making. 

It is located in Castel Romano, on the southern outskirts of the city, and is brand-new - it has been inaugurated on July 2014.

The park includes 20 attractions designed by multiple Oscar-winning Italian production designer Dante Ferretti – all of them will be open and functioning on the night of the WCOA 2014 Social Dinner, when the entire park will be reserved to our attendees. Imagine being in a theme park and not to have to wait in long lines for your turn on the rollercoaster and the other attractions!

And speaking about the attractions, here are some interesting things to know... 

The various attractions are inspired by some of the thousands of movies filmed in Rome’s studios, but also by film genres, from the homegrown spaghetti western to the action-adventure serial. Some of the background music on the grounds was composed by the Academy Award-winner Ennio Morricone, known for memorable film soundtracks for Cinecittà classics, including Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in the West” (1968).

The dinner we are preparing for you is an itinerant dinner! A journey through Italian most popular delicacies and recipes, from North to South. But it will also be a time travel: we will stick our noses in the Ancient Roman Empire, and then in the future of space travels...

In order to fully enjoy the special evening the suggested dress code is informal. 

WCOA Social Dinner will take place on November 12th, starting from 7 pm. Transportation to and from Cinecittà World will be provided to WCOA 2014 participants who have booked their stay in one of our preferred hotels. 

For delegates staying in other hotels, kindly be informed that dedicated shuttles will be arranged and tickets can be purchased speratly in the welcoming area of the Congress Venue, or online. 

We strongly recommend our guests to book their shuttle tickets before the day of the dinner.

If you wish to have more details about Cinecittà World, please visit the website: